Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I just got off of Face time with PW. He said today went really well and seemed satisfied with the teachings and the class response. He said the students are asking excellent thoughtful questions and it has been fun for both he and PH to answer them.  It gives them time to really interact on a different level with them.  PH will be starting the teaching time tomorrow. PW said he has been very helpful giving input during the sessions so they have tag teamed some.  I am so thankful that PH is there with him since they have been friends for 29 years and enjoy bantering. It makes the time go quicker for them both. Plus the students are going to get excellent teaching since both of these men have a teachers anointing on them.  There is nothing like discipling young believers and seeing them grow.

Here are some pictures that PW just sent.  

Guilty- PW looks like a kid caught with hand in the candy jar
Paul's pizza had hot dogs and bacon as the topping
I love the way PH always looks like he is having a ball. Note his grin. 


Mauro and Julia Martinez
We have shared many meals at Chili Pizza with these two precious saints.

So as you can see PW will find Pizza no matter where he goes, but he was very proud of himself since this is his first pizza in over 3 weeks and he drank it with water.  He is obviously making progress.  LOL

Thank you for your continued prayers. Tomorrow the students will start the practical applications of the teachings so please keep all of them in prayer. This is usually a turning point for them as they grasp the concepts and begin learning how to apply the lessons.  

Much love, 
Sherry and PW and PH

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