Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our men are on the way

Wednesday we arrived in Toronto around 4:30 after driving in blinding rain.  The border was not too bad. We only had to wait about 20 mins. 

Paul and Melissa were following us about an hour behind and did not arrive until almost 6 since their phone service went out and they had no map. They are quite gifted to have been able to find the hotel without a map.  

Anyway we were all starving by that time so we headed out for a "fun date night" to the Mandarin Buffet. Oh my goodness there was more food there than any person can imagine. The place is amazing with waterfalls and huge salt water fish tanks and sparkly lights and the most delicious food.  
We had tons of fun talking about the bible and life and just being together.  Melissa and I are both a bit sad that we are not able to go on this trip with our guys so this time together was special.   

Paul and Wayne looking handsome

This is just a sampling of our desserts

You can see the pretty decorations in the background.

So this morning Melissa and I left our guys and headed home. What an experience to drive in a foreign country in driving rain once again, but thankfully the Lord got us home safe and sound.  We were able to Skype with the guys several times during the day as they waited for their flight.   I have copied what Paul sent following this so you can hear from them how things were going.  

The airport component of the trip begins !!!

Found the parking lot without much trouble.  It was raining like cats and dogs, so needless to say, we were fairly wet by the time we got to rail-transport. We had on parkas with hoods, but large puddles to cross :-(  When we got to terminal the rain stopped. Cannot get seat assignments and boarding passes until after 2 pm.

At a Starbucks waiting until 2 pm for ticketing. May go down to restaurant around 1 pm.

Update ... at gate with tickets and seat assignments.   Both of us got aisle seats, row 51, on a Lufthansa 747.  We ate lunch around 1 pm at a "Swiss" store (both got salads; Wayne's was Caesar with baked chicken; mine was Caesar side salad with cheese pirogi). 

The issue with the tickets was that we did not have enough information to use the kiosks to get tickets and seat assignment. We were actually booked on Lufthansa and not Air Canada (that's why the kiosks for Air Canada were not working).  Lufthansa does not have kiosks in Toronto - the good-ol-fashion face-to-face talking with agent.  We had to wait until about 3:00 for Lufthansa to open up their counter.  Then it was 45 min through security and here we are.

It is now 6:55 and they are in the sky on their way to Frankfurt then to Riga. If you think of it please keep them in prayer over this next week.  I will update as I get information. 

Thanking God for His faithfulness.  
Much love, 

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