Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Today has been a whirlwind of activity. Between teaching, counseling and preaching, we have not had too much free time which is fine since we are here to minister, but it is hard to catch your breath at times.

Here is a picture story of our day and the students today in their small groups as they tried to strategize how to counsel the following situation.  The case study came from,  who is an excellent biblical counselor.
Paula is 18-years old. She is the oldest of four kids. Her parents have been faithful to God all of her life and they are a tight-knit family. Ron, the dad, has taught his kids that they would never date until they are ready for marriage and the right guy comes along. This has never been a problem…
…it has never been a problem until Paula’s first semester in college. She now wants to date. Ron and Becky come to you for advice on how to respond to their daughter.

Application Questions

  1. Is it wrong for Paula to date?
  2. What should honoring her parents look like now that she is out of the home?
  3. What Scriptures would you use to help guide the parents?
  4. If Paula came to you for counseling, how would you counsel her?

I felt like a proud mom as they shared the answers on how to help this family.  It is always rewarding when you see them applying what has been taught. 

Here is a picture of a birthday gift from Kristians and Anna.  There picture will follow. 

I Love apples and this is a huge crisp sweet one. Can't wait to eat it for dinner tonight. 
You can't avoid getting older, but you can avoid getting old.  It's all about attitude. 

Kristians and Anna

This is Olga and Raimond
They plan to  marry this coming year. 

Last but not least we wanted to share a picture of three of our translators

Klavs, a former student, an anointed worship leader and lover of God

Julia Martinez, a former student, loving wife to Mauro, fantastic cook and lover of God

And Illva, a former student, sweet character, and lover of God

We have been so blessed to work with these amazing young people and thank God daily for the privilege.  

Wayne preached tonight at the Salvation Russian Church again.   His topic was what does God's love look like in the Church, taken from the One Another passages in the New Testament.  It was not only an excellent word, but the congregation was receptive and leaning forward as he spoke and taking notes.  This is always an encouragement.  

After the service our friends Danny and Damaris took us to dinner at Chili Pizza to bless me for my birthday. I have spent the past 6 birthdays in Latvia.  Thank you friends for the dinner and fellowship.

And just as we started getting ready to go to bed a knock on our door brought a wonderful surprise. Two of our students from a few years ago came by to introduce us to their new baby.  We will share their story and picture tomorrow. 

Have a blessed day.  We love and miss you all, 
PW and Sherry

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