Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday - a Very good day

Today my heart is filled with joy as I think about how the Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful kind thoughtful husband.  You see it is my Birthday, I am ** yrs old today.  I woke up to a beautiful email card from him.  A lovely card from my Mother in law, a FB message from our daughter and a few friends, and a card from my Mom.  At Chapel service the class sang Happy Birthday to me and presented me with a delicious cake. It is a kind of cheese cake with berries on top.  As we left the chapel, PW showed up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

We started course 2 today and talked about Life Dominating sins. The class assignment this week is for each of them to pick a sin in their lives that is dominating their lives and write out a plan for overcoming the sin based on the teachings we have done and will be doing.  I wish you could have seen the looks we got.  Of course we assured them that they did not have to tell us their sin, but just show us the paper showing they came up with a plan.   They have all week to work on this.  Starting tomorrow we will be addressing particular sin issues that we all deal with and then we will break up into groups and they will decide how to help someone with their problems.  IT should be a fun week.

We also had the honor of meeting with a few of the students.   

And now the perfect ending to the day, we are getting a new Tempurpedic style bed for our apt.  PW is putting it together with Ragnar.  

We love what we do and so appreciate the sacrifice of our family and those who give make in sending us.  I promise you the money invested has not gone to waste. Lives are being changed and for that we thank God.   

God bless you all. We love you, 
PW and Sherry

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Anonymous said...

Again, happy birthday, dear friend! What a neat day to remember. Loved the assignment for this week! Love you guys! M.

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