Friday, April 15, 2016

On the Ground in Latvia

We had a special blessing at the airport in Chicago. We had been given two free passes to a United Club lounge.  So our 3 hour layover was spent sitting in the lap of luxury. They not only had these comfy leather chairs, but showers, free beverages and food, free wi-fi, nice relaxing music and quiet.  The view was amazing since it was surrounded by windows and you could watch the planes.  We stepped into our plane refreshed and ready to go. 

The second blessing the Lord gave us was on the plane.   The plane was half empty so in our section there were rows of empty seats and the attendants told everyone to grab a row so we could stretch out and sleep for a few hours.  What a difference that made.  Our jet lag is not nearly as bad as usual as a result. 

The third blessing was during my quiet time yesterday morning, I had been reading from Psalm 29: 3-4 which says that the voice of the Lord is upon the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord is over many waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful, the voice of the Lord is majestic.  The part that jumped out at me was the voice of the Lord upon the waters.  I sensed that He was going to speak to me during our flight and as we flew over the ocean He did just that.  I am filled with wonder at His grace to us and how He always speaks to us when we are seeking Him. As a result I am excited about the upcoming 2 weeks.   

Last week a friend said that her intercessor group had been praying for our trip and sensed that the Lord wanted PW to announce the Kingdom of God had come when we set foot on the ground.  We did this in faith and today at breakfast our friends said the teachers at the school this week are teaching on the Kingdom of God. Coincidence?  I don't think so. 

This is the Riga PK hotel where are spending a few days getting over our jet lag. We stay here each year because we know it is clean, the breakfast buffet comes with the room and the neighborhood is safe and it is quiet.  

This morning we were trying to operate the new coffee maker.  In years past they provided electric tea kettles and instant coffee  however, this year they have upgraded to the Latvian version of a Keurig.  The only problem is that it looks and works differently and there are no directions.  We are just tired enough that everything is funny so as we both took turns trying to shove the thing in the slot we laughed hysterically.  It was a comedy worthy of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.   We never did figure it out.  LOL  One would think that the little pod would fit in the slot on the top, NOT.  

So tonight on our way out for dinner we decided to ask at the desk.  The handsome "young" man looked at us and smiled a very smirky smile and said, you have to open the pod and there is a little package inside that has the coffee that you drop in the hole on the top.   Needless to say we felt rather old, but it was a good laugh to say the least.   We came back and actually got it to work .  Small miracles from heaven. LOL

We ate dinner at a restaurant named Double Coffee.  The food is consistently good and the atmosphere is nice.  We tried pasta dishes tonight.  Wayne had the lasagna which was excellent and I have no idea what mine was but it was tasty.  

PW has been battling pain once again from his back.  Last Sunday when our Church prayed for him the pain totally left and stayed gone until we hit the ground here yesterday afternoon.  Poor guy was so miserable. We called on our intercessors to fight for his healing once again.  This afternoon it is thankfully feeling a bit better and we will continue to pray and trust God for total relief.  

There has been some heavy warfare with this trip so we are anxious to see what God has planned.  

We met our friends Danny and Damaris for breakfast today and talked about the upcoming 2 weeks. Beside our teaching at the school, PW will be ministering in the local Russian Church two times.  One Wed. night and then on Sunday morning.    

We will begin our teaching on Monday morning and will use tomorrow and Sunday to finalize our preparation. Please pray for us to impart life not just facts. Our hearts long to see lives changed as a result of our being here.  We are doing two weeks this year instead of our usual one week so will be able to cover additional topics that hopefully will equip them in helping others.  We will add a session on overcoming self - harm like cutting, burning etc. and one on overcoming addictions.  

And last but not least I just wanted to share how blessed we are that so many have stepped up to offer to keep our moms company while we are gone.  The house will be filled with friends and family every day and we are praying that it will make the time speed by for them and for us as well. It is such a blessing to be apart of a wonderful Church family who care for one another.  Thanks to our Associate Pastor and his wife Edie, we are able to leave and not worry about the Church. 

Please pray for healing for PW, Anointing on our teachings, Lives to be changed, and health and safety for our mothers and our family and for the Church.  

Much Love, 
PW and Sherry

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Melissa said...

Lucy and Ricky, indeed!!! Love you guys and praying for PW's pain, as well as your mission over there.

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