Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We got up early today to prepare for our second day of teaching. Today the foster families, who are required to get several hours a month of parental teaching,  arrived so our class doubled in size.  We had fun  teaching on how to resolve conflict and then the roles of the husband and wife.  Teaching biblical truth to non believers was interesting.  The amazing thing was that the non believers started off with arms crossed but by the end of the first session they were leaning forward in their seats and listening intently. Wayne presented the gosple very clearly during the session on husbands. Praise the Lord. 

 This is our class.

After dinner we went to a prayer meeting with a group of people who attend the New Testament church. We have known most of them for 12 years , since they were in their early 20's and we were in our 50's.   PW and I both had the opportunity to share the word with them and then we prayed and did some prophetic ministry for each one.  At the end they insisted on praying over us also.   It is always so humbling when those to whom you minister want to bless you in return. God truly met with us tonight and all of us left uplifted and encouraged in the Lord. 
  Wayne praying a blessing over a young man who has Autism. This precious young man sat and smiled the whole evening.  He is used of God to encourage others with his gentle spirit. He does not speak with his mouth, but his countenance says it all. 

This is the group we met with in Angelikas little 3 room house filled with love and peace.  Precious time of fellowship in the Lord.

Angelika and Sherry

We finally got home around 10:30. It has been a long day and we are tired but it is a good tired. Thank you for your faithful prayers for us while we are here.  We definitely feel them and have much peace and our energy has been good.  Tomorrow we will begin the parenting seminar.  Please ask God to help us answer the questions with wisdom that these parents have concerning their children. Most have specific issues for which they are wanting answers.  Discipline is a real problem with foster families since they are restricted by the government in many ways.  But God has answers and it is with His words that we want to minster.  God bless you all.

With much love,
PW and Sherry
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Lois Flynn said...

What a wonderful day of ministry! God obviously has, and may He continue, to bless your work there. We prayed for you and PW last night..had a sweet time of prayer at Kim's house. Looking forward to your homecoming Sherry! We will continue to pray. Thank you so much for the pictures!

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