Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday - final day of seminar

Today was our final day of teaching.  It is so bittersweet. We have shared our lives this past week with our students and they shared with us.  It has been so good.  Today several of the foster parents came up and told us the first day they were skeptical thinking we might be a cult, then as we taught and  they realized that we were not trying to convert them to our denomination, that we really believed the bible had the answers and that they were ordering the tapes so they could re listen to the teachings which they said were very helpful.  God broke through and we give him all the glory. PW shared the gospel clearly in several of the teaching times.  What an honor it is to be his vessels.  So we planted seeds, someone else will water and someone else will reap. But God gets all the credit.  Praise His Holy Name.

 This is a foster child. As you can see she is very proud of her little doll.  Her foster parents have 5 of their own children and 6 foster kids.  The kids are loved and embraced as though they were their own.  You should have seen the dad playing with the kids and swinging them around. It is obvious this family is called to do this and is making a difference.

This is our class minus 2 couples who had to leave last night.
 This is Kola and Natalie.  She is from Belgium and He is from Ukraine. They are engaged to be married and always like to get with us and talk about relationships. They are a blessing to us both.  Kola is an administrator at Nehemiah and Natalie is the director of the summer english camps here at Nehemiah.

This evening we met with these 15 Americans from a ministry called World Race. They travel for 11 months, a different country each month, and serve the people in a country in any way that is needed in order to share the gospel. They are a true inspiration.  Anyway, we met with them to do a bible study and then pray for them.  This past week they served us by watching all the foster kids and doing a camp with them while their parents attended the seminar. Thank you to all of you for serving our Lord in this way.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Ukraine. We will spend it meeting friends for coffee and walks and Pw will go play his traditional game of pool with our friend Vasiko. 

Thank you to all of you for praying for us, for sending funds so we can do this and for welcoming us back home.  We love each one of you.

Pw and Sherry
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Lisa said...

What a special time God has granted you there. It blesses me just hearing about it. Love you both. Can't wait to have you home with us again.


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