Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day two '

Today started very early for us.  Up at 6 and class starting at 8:45.  We are loving this class. The students are so much fun.

Today one of the young men was making a joke about PW being old and of course being Americans we laughed because it was done in fun and with respect. Well after the class session was over he humbly came and asked forgiveness saying he was wrong, and that he was so thankful for the wisdom that God had put in PW. This is the caliber of student that we have the privilege to disciple this week.

PW was teaching on counseling the believer today and took one of his famous "bunny trails" which was spirit led because after class another student came to him and asked for counsel because the "bunny trail" was God speaking to him and he needed to talk it through.

God is so faithful.

Please continue to pray for "life" to be given this week not just knowledge, and for PW and his sinus issue.  He is feeling a tad bit better but still not up to par.  But we know whom we believe and we are confident that He can and will heal in His time. Meanwhile this weak vessel is relying on the Holy Spirits strength to do what only He can do anyway.  God is good.

Below are today's pictures.  I hope you enjoy them.

 Double click on this picture and you can read the names of the students and staff of this years class.

 Prayer time for the mission focus country today which was Romania

The sound of voices filled the room as the students all began to pray aloud. 
I Love to hear young people pray and sing.  Our own youth from CCF are meeting tonight to do this very thing as they worship God and then pray together. 

Pw enjoying recreation with one of the young men.  I told them we are going to pray God prompts someone to donate a pool table for next year.  

Break time fellowship.

Much love to you all, 
PW and Sherry

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M. said...

PW is NOT old!!! (so sweet of that young man to ask forgiveness, tho!) Love you two.

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