Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 4 - Thursday

Whew today sure was a long one. We taught 7 sessions today.  Getting to the Heart, Process of Change, Giving Hope, Put off and Put on, and various other spontaneous topics as the Holy Spirit led.
Can you imagine the poor students having to concentrate and learn all this stuff?  It is the end of the year so they are very tired. But PTL they are attentive and ask really good questions about each topic so we know they are listening.

They have their test tomorrow so please pray for them to do well.

We have done a lot of counseling this trip which is unusual. We are thanking the Father for the lives we are able to touch through His word.

 This is my almost 100% healed man of God as he prepares for todays lessons. 
 Anna Potapova is the cook at the school. She prepares amazing food on her small budget. 
 These are our amazing translators.  The girls are the Latvian translators the boys are the Russian translators. 
From left to right back row: Dima, Sasha, Adre
From left to right front row: Anna, Elza, Ilza, Lauma
We thank God for the gifting of these young people. They work twice as hard as we do. 
 Natlaia Antonicheva - The School Secretary and mother to the students.  
 Mauro Martinez - Dean of the School

 Former students Erland and Veronika from class of 2011.
They are now in full time ministry and said that the things we taught are still coming to mind today. 
 Natasha with a statue having fun.
 Bridge locks placed here by young couples getting married. 
 Palace of Catherine the Great from Russia built in 1735. She never lived here. 
 Beautiful Birch tree forest. Very common in Latvia.

Much Love, 
Pw and Sherry

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M. said...

Poor PW is keeping up the sweet smile!! Bless his heart!!!

What are the significances of the "bridge locks" that are placed there by the engaged/married young people?

Love you guys!!! Praying for you!!

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