Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Joy of the journey - Getting to know them

Lima and Evita
Both of these girls feel called of God to minister full time.
Lima plans to go to Bible school next year and is seeking God as to the direction  for  her future, she is also one of our translators.
Evita is also going to Bible School and hopes to be a missionary to Zambia some day. 

This is Svjatoslav.  He is a fairly new believer who was in drug rehab a few years ago.
Yesterday he got word that one of his friends died from an overdose after being clean for over a year. He has lost 12 friends in the last year from drug overdoses.  He is rejoicing that He is no longer an addict and that Christ has set him free and that he does not have to worry about going back to his addiction.He is very serious about following Christ.
This is Gentis. Today is his 18th birthday and we were invited to join he and the students for a marshmallow roast in his honor. 
This is Raymond.   He was notified that his good friend committed suicide on Sunday.   He is  a remarkable  young man who feels God calling him to full-time work in the future.  He wants to give people hope through Christ. HIs testimony is amazing, he was a drug addict for 10 years and was doing heroin and cocaine as well as selling it when God miraculously saved him.  The joy that emanates from him is amazing.

These are just a few of the stories of the young people we are ministering to this week.  Many are fairly new believers and many are from broken homes. They are eating up the truth from the word and learning how to overcome life's circumstances according to the the word of God.  Today we focused on the topic Getting to the Heart.  They have so many questions after we teach which shows they were listening and it is making them think.  

Tonight we are having dinner at Marou and Julia's home, which is down the hall from us.  They have been married less than a year and Julia loves to cook.  We are looking forward to a homemade meal and good fellowship.  

Thank you for all the prayers.  Please pray specifically for these students.  

We love you.
PW and Sherry


CCF said...

What a great report! We miss you and are praying for you.

Lvoe- me

Anonymous said...

What precious young people! So glad you are there. Love you and are praying for you.

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