Sunday, April 27, 2014

Baltic School of Ministry

We arrived at the school yesterday around 3 and settled in for our week of ministry, but not before we had a lovely dinner at one of the Latvian Buffets with our friends Mauro and Julia Martinez. You can see the fun loving nature of these two in picture below of the bunnies.

We start teaching today at 2:30 Latvian time and go until 5.  Tuesday we start each day at 8:45 and go until 5:00.  Thursday evening PW will be preaching at a local church in Riga.

Our main prayer at the moment is for health. Both of us are feeling a bit off, upset stomach etc. Could be that our food has not been what we are used. But whatever please pray.

Other prayer requests for the week are for the hearts of the 17 students to be touched by the word, for the anointing of God to be upon us as we teach and minister and for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Often when teaching the Lord deals with some things in the students lives and we find ourselves hanging out on certain topics or scriptures longer than usual so we know it is the Holy Spirit.  We pray that we will have the opportunity to minister one on one with these young people this week.

Here are the pictures of our home for this week.  Basic but comfortable.  

 Yes this is a double bed. Yes PW is tall and used to a king size. Yes S has 1/2 foot of space. :>)))))

This is our kitchen/living room/bathroom sink/study place. 

So now you can picture us in our living space this week. We are very excited and will keep you posted about what the Lord is doing each day.  Blessings to all of you as you begin your day. 

Much love,
PW and Sherry

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M said...

LOVED PW's expression. SO PW!!! Praying for your stomachs. :-( Love you.

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