Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday night

The seminar tonight was very well attended. I guess the Pastors phone calls made a difference. PW spoke tonight on the role of the husband as a Leader and Lover of his wife. It is a very powerful teaching and usually is very convicting. Tonight was no exception and one man who attended without his wife came up and asked for an appointment with PW. So he will meet with him on Friday.

We have several counseling appts. today, friday. It is one of those things that we love doing because not only do we get to know the people, but it is such a joy to see them realize that they can change. Each time we come we have the opportunity to see those we have ministered to in the past and they share with us the progress they have seen or sometimes they are still struggling and ask for more help. But whatever, the Lord is the one who changes them.

The Divorce Recovery preparation is coming along nicely. The Lord put a wonderful ministry in our path before we left that ministers only to the divorced. So we are studying their teachings and the Lord is feeding us so we can feed those who come. Please continue to pray into that particular seminar.

Our weather here is cold and gloomy today. The forcast is for light snow today which is rather unusual for Uzghorod. Jenny told us that Chardon and the area are expecting a foot of snow in a storm that is blowing in. So I guess March is definetly coming in like a Lion but hopefully will go out like a Lamb. Spring is coming so hang in there.,

Love to you all,
PW and Sherry

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Lisa said...

I'm glad the seminar was well attended. It's good that the church members heeded their pastor. :)

I'm surprised to hear you are expecting snow there. We already have about 6-8 inches here and it's only 9:30 a.m. Oh well!

Praying your counseling appointments go well, that the words of truth and love you speak into these people's lives will come alive in them through the power of the Holy Spirit, giving them hope and healing.


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