Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday and Saturday

Friday we spent the daytime counseling three different individuals who are married to unbelievers. One of them had even seperated from the spouse because they were not happy living with a nonbeliever. We counseled that person to go home to the spouse and live before them according to 1 Cor. 7. They thanked us and did just that. PTL. With all three of them we realized that they were spending more time at the church than with their spouses and the spouses were jealous and felt displaced by the "church". In all three cases we shared how important it was to see their marriage partner as their primary ministry. These precious saints had just been trying to serve God and did not realize the bad taste they were leaving in their spouses mouths. The one even stayed home today to spend much needed time with his wife. The other two shared with us how they went home and immediately started applying the counsel they had been given and that the spouses seemed pleased. God is so faithful.

Here we are teaching our class. Friday night Sherry taught on the role of the wife and then today PW shared on the differences between men and women and how not understanding them can contribute to conflict. Sherry followed up with practical teaching on how to resolve conflict and principles of communication. We laughed alot on both days and everyone seemed attentive. Many came up afterward and thanked us and told us that our teachings had helped them and they could see some changes they needed to make. We praise God for the way he meets with us in these times.

Here are some of class participants.

Tomorrow we are ministering at an 11 service in Uzghorod at the same church and then traveling to the town of Chop on the Hungarian border where we will minister in a sister church. Thank you for faithfully praying for us all.
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Anonymous said...

Glad things are going so well. What great counsel to give those whose spouses where feeling displaced. I bet it is the first time you were thrilled someone skipped 'church'! :-))

CCF said...

Hey - we miss you a lot and are praying for you every day!

Love - J

CCF said...
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Lisa said...

Praising God for the receptiveness of the people you are ministering to. God is at work!

What a blessed morning we had at church today; wonderful worship, wonderful family time; wonderful message from the Word! God is so faithful!

Miss you much!!

Love, Lisa

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