Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wonderful end to a week of ministry

I am sorry I did not get these posted before now. The time was flying and every minute was filled and by the time we got done each evening we were spent and hit the bed.   It was a great week in Ukraine. We were able to reconnect with old friends, encourage some of them and enjoyed ministering on Sat and Sunday.  Pictures are below with commentary.

Vasiko is our hero.  Tanya was supposed to take us to  Chop for ministry to the youth and  got tied up so her precious husband volunteered and had us laughing all the way there.  We love Vasiko. He is a man of integrity and truly loves his family.  Tanya just glows when she looks at him and their daughter Maria is a true daddy's girl.  He also writes beautiful music that touches the soul.  

The young people in Chop along with Pastor Sasha and his wife Angela.  These kids were so much fun. We spoke on  relationships and they had great questions and interaction with us.  It was an honor to be with them.

Sasha and Angela also Pastor a Church in Uzghorod. We have the privilege to minister to them each time we come.  This night they had asked us to do a seminar for those with unsaved spouses and also a teaching on how to resolve conflict. 

These ladies were laughing at something PW shared. 
The other side of the room. 

Pastor Sasha and Angela.  We have known them since they first got married.  

Pastor Alexey  praying for the service on Sunday 

Gypsy Pastor who attends Alexey's Church in the mornings and  meets with his Church at 5 in the evening. He was taking the offering and gave an excellent exhortation to give so they could bless others, not to get back for themselves.  

Our faithful translator Olya who was translating everything that was said.  She never gets to just go to  a service  and not work.  Her mind is constantly translating from her language to English or German or Hungarian. Can you imagine?  

Children being blessed before they left for Sunday School 

Pastor Alexey and Svetlana and four of their 5 Children

After service we went back to Nehemiah ministry Guest house.  Transcarpathia without Orphans is a group that Tanya works with and they try to place children in Christian Foster families while they wait for Adoption.  They have regular training for the parents so they can effectively care for these children and also have activities and events for the kids on a regular basis to encourage them all. It was a great afternoon.  Angelica and her son have a business that puts on parties for children.   Oh my goodness was it fun.  Here are just a few of the pictures.

Anglica and her girls getting ready to minister  to the children

What is a kids party with out bubbles.. Big bubbles. You should have seen the kids trying to catch them.  They were put to music which was hilarious to watch. 

One of the girls dressed up in this adorable outfit danced with the kids. 

Timothy is Angelica's son and he was doing a science demonstration with the kids.  Yes you are seeing that right, fire in the hand that does not burn.  The kids were volunteering and loved it. 

Wonderful time of fellowship afterward in the cafe. 
The rest of the group. 

Last but not least, Rudy and Demas drove us all the way to Krakow .. We spent 3 hours at the border of  Ukraine and Slovakia and then had a 4 1/2 hour drive on beautiful winding roads and through small villages and mountains. Rudy did a great job driving us safely.

As always our time went too quickly and we are saying goodbye .. It is always bittersweet.  Thank you to all of you who gave financially and those who faithfully prayed for us and those we minister to during our trip.

Much love,
PW and Sherry

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