Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ukraine Day 4

Wow today was amazing.  We ministered at the New Testament Church in Uzghorod today.  The Church was packed and the worship incredibly anointed.  The presence of the Lord was palatable.  PW preached a powerful sermon titled The Living God.  It ended with the people shouting and applauding the Lord for His amazing gift of life and salvation.

On the way out of the service a woman stopped me, Sherry,  and said the Lord had impressed her to pray for her knees and she did not know why and would it be ok....Is the pope Catholic?  Of course it was ok, I woke up in such pain in my knee I could hardly walk.. Long story short I AM  HEALED.  We have stood in faith now for 4 wks after having prayer multiple times.  To God be the glory. He is so faithful.

We had lunch with Pastor Volodya and Lilliana. They took us to a place that serves only Blinchkies.. Those are thin pancakes with any kind of filling you can imagine. The place is called YUM YUM.  Very appropriate name. After a wonderful time of fellowship with them, we headed back to our room for a nap so we would be fresh for tonight's meeting.

The seminar tonight was so sweet.  We met in the cafe at the Church and the ladies had put lovely arrangements on the tables and had lit candles and had soft music playing. Our topic was Restoring Romance to Marriage.  This particular meeting was for Believers with unbelieving spouses.   We have been praying all week that the unbelieving spouses would come and sure enough every table was filled and they were all very attentive. We laughed a lot and PW presented the gospel half way through in such a wonderful way, you could have heard a pin drop. No one walked out so we took that as a good sign.  We had asked Oxana to take pictures so there are tons of them below for you to enjoy.

Today was a great way to end our time at New Testament Church.. Tomorrow we will do a seminar for the gypsy Church.  Please continue to pray for us.
Much love,
PW and Sherry

 If this turned out it is a video of the fun worship to a Jewish dance
 Pastor Volodya playing his saxophone. He is quite good and also is an excellent artist.
 The Ukranians love to worship
 This is PW and Edik who was one of our students at the Nehemiah Bible School 13 years ago
 Pastor Volodya and Pastor Wayne
 Lilliana and her two daughters at the Yum Yum 
 Interesting tree art along the street in Uzghorod
 Just before our seminar tonight

Talking about the Crazy Cycle with Wayne and Valodya our translator and friend
The paintings on the walls in these pictures were all painted by Pastor Volodya.  

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Melissa said...

We continue to live vicariously through your blog!!! Thank you----I know you must be tired. Praising God with you for your knee!!! Love you guys----

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