Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 2

The weather started off with rain and gloom and by 11 it was sunny and around 60.  They are all thrilled since the prediction was bad weather all week. 
Wow what a great day we had with the students. We started teaching at 9 and taught until 5. We are tired to say the least.  PW taught 5 sessions and Sherry 2. The students are amazing. Not only are they taking notes like crazy, but they ask very thoughtful questions that show they really want to learn.  We ended the day with a role play of two friends meeting to discuss a problem.  We showed them how to gather information in a casual way and give godly biblical counsel the friend. They loved it and we laughed alot. During the breaks they took turns coming to us and asking questions about the struggles they have and wanted to know what to do biblically.

These young people have chosen to take a year of their life and prepare themselves in spiritual things before they go off to university.  Please pray for them to take the things they have learned all year and apply to their lives so they can serve the Lord effectively and not be deceived by the things the world offers. 

We are spending the evening resting since we were up before 7 to prepare.  I think tonight we will be in bed early for sure.  We will try to post pictures in the morning so you will have something to look at when you wake up.

Thanks for all the prayer and support. You are wonderful and such a blessing to us both.

We love you
Pw and Sherry

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