Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Saying Good bye

This is our home away from home when
we are in Ukraine.....Nehemiah Guest House
The service is superb, the staff is wonderful
and it always makes us sad to leave.

Wayne and Sherry with Tanya.
Tanya and her husband Vasiko are precious
friends who head up the ministry at Nehemiah
Ukraine. We have known Tanya for 11 years and
Vasiko for about 6. They make a great team.

We spent a day in Budapest on our way
home to rest. The city is beautiful and we took
a walking tour to see the area around our hotel.
The buildings are lovely and very old and there
are statues everywhere of those who lived there
and made a difference. The Danube River flows
through the middle of the city and divides it. One
side is Buda and the other Pest. That is where you get
the name.

I could not resist taking a picture of this
charming phone booth.

This is a square with a Roman flavor. The statues
are breathtaking and full of detail of charioteers
and others on horse back. It must be a memorial
of some sort, but it was not written in English and
we did not have a tour guide. The square was surrounded
by museums.

This is a sampling of the gorgeous old homes in
the city. They speak for themselves and one
can only imagine what the past residents were like.

We are always sad to leave our friends in Ukraine because they are very dear to us and we sense God's call on us to be there and strengthen families. This trip was no different. We were very busy with ministry each day and sense that there will be good fruit from our time in Ukraine.

The DVD's are almost totally completed. They were able to print 33 of sessions 1 and 2 and willl be finished soon. Thanks to Valodya and those who worked so hard on this project.

Thank you to all who prayed for us and who gave financially to make this trip possible. When we go, you go.
As much as we enjoy going, we love coming home even more to our family and our church. There is something about understanding the language and culture and eating familiar food. :>))))) Thanks Pastor Bill and Edie for the wonderful job you did taking care of CCF while we have been gone. You are a continued blessing and strength to us.

Grace and Peace
PW and Sherry
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Lisa said...

What beautiful pictures! Love the square and the phone booth!

We will be so happy to have you home. Praying for safe travels.


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