Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday - Friday

Thursday evening almost 100 people showed up for the
seminar on Love and Relationships. We are excited to report
that more than half of them were unsaved people. Not only
were they attentive, but PW was in fine form and made
them laugh often as he taught on these things. Many came up
afterward and had questions and said that it was a very helpful
seminar. Praise the Lord.

Here Wayne and I are standing in front
of the entrance to a park in the city. We have never been here
before and it is lovely. The entrance reminded us of a KOA campground.
Inside there were lots of beautiful trees overhanging a paved walk and
little log houses and a playground. Pastor Edik and Elizabeth had brought
us here after lunch for a little walk....3 miles.

About half way on our walk we came across this
field of yellow black eyed susans. It was breathtaking in person. I hope
you can get an idea of what it looked like. This field was running along side
the river and went on for acres. Double click the picture and it will enlarge.

This adorable little girl was dressed in a sweater to keep
her from catching cold. (mind you the temp was near 80) Her grandma
said it was her 1st birthday.

At the end of our walk we came to a cafe by the river
and Edik and Elizabeth treated us to a cold drink with ice. That is a new thing
here in Ukraine. We sat for over an hour and fellowshiped and just enjoyed
getting to know them better. Edik celebrated his 38th birthday on Thursday.

Friday night we once again went to the English school
to converse with the students who had lots of questions about our seminar.

Afterward several of them asked us to go to the cafe for more talk. So here

we are with them talking about relationships and marriage. We had a wonderful

time with them.

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