Saturday, October 16, 2010


We hope that over the past few weeks you have felt like you have been on this journey with us. We have tried to share daily what life is like in the countries where we have ministered. We are finally home and I can tell you that it sure feels good. As wonderful as it is to travel and minister to our Brothers and Sisters in foreign lands, and even though they give wonderful hospitality and try to meet our every need, home still feels the best. We had such a good nights rest and are looking forward to being in service at CCF tomorrow.
Thank you to all of you have prayed for us, followed our updates, written us notes of encouragement, and ministered to our church family while we have been gone. Words cannot express how much we appreciate it all. You are such a huge part of this ministry that God has called us to and we do not take it for granted. Blessings to you all as you walk with God and share His word in your mission field. We love you, PW and Sherry

Below are the last pictures we will post from this trip. Hope you enjoy them.

Bucharest Airport in Romania - if you look closely you can see the end of the machine gun the security guard is carrying. There were several soldiers like this stationed around the airport most likely due to the heightened terrorist risk. We wanted to get a front shot, but did not want to get into trouble. They sure did look serious.

Long hours of waiting in uncomfortable seats are part of the travel these days. Thankfully once we got on the plane, we had exit row seats with plenty of leg room and comfortable padding. :>))

Cleveland airport, the end of our journey and both of our bags arrived with us. Hallelujah.
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Anonymous said...

We are so glad to have you back home. Welcome home!!! Glad you are safe and sound and Praise the Lord for answering all our prayers.

Glad u are here to hear that good message preached by our pastor.(wink)

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