Saturday, August 14, 2010

It looked like Milk

Well today has been very relaxing and our jet lag is about gone. This morning we decided to venture out on our own without a translator and head to the grocery store. So far so good. Taxi took us to the right place and understood he was to wait for us. We zipped through the store picking up identifiable items to put in our cart to munch on and remembered we needed to purchase some milk. Standing in front of the dairy section we were trying to decide which kind of milk to get since the names were all in the Cryllic language we could not sound them out. Anyway we were looking for skim milk but only saw 1% 2% or 3.5% on the bottles so I picked up the 1 % and Wayne said we should get another bottle to save a trip later in the week. Ok so we did and headed to the checkout. I could taste the huge bowl of cereal in my mind that I was going to eat when we got home. So far so good. Poured the cereal in a huge bowl, opened said bottle of milk and noticed it seemed a bit thick but being the brave soul I am I tasted it and guess what? It was not was yogurt. I love yogurt but am not quite sure that I like it on my cereal. Lesson learned...alwayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys take a translator to the store.
Have a blessed night. Pray for us tomorrow since we start our intensive ministry. Wayne will preach two times tomorrow and then home to prepare for mondays seminar.
With Love,
Wayne and Sherry

1 comment:

Lisa said...

How funny! Getting a little independent over there, are you???

We are still in Kentucky but we continue to pray for you. Andre led us in prayer for you guys last night before we went to bed.

Keep the updates coming!

Love, Lisa

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